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Do You Remember The Old Casino Scam 3 Years Ago?

Casino news is something that often goes ignored. Journalists within the field of online casinos often find it difficult to capture the latest stories and news. This is because the casino industry likes to keep a certain amount of information private, which is understandable. Thankfully there are still stories out there that are related to both online casinos as well as land-based casinos.

Check out some of the popular news stories from last year:

UK Casino Workers Jailed After €3.7m Scam Was Busted Wide Open

Three UK based casinos workers were jailed after they were found guilty of a highly planned roulette scam that managed to get away with a whopping €3.7m from the famously renowned Coral Island casino in Blackpool.

They will now have to face a lengthy stint in jail after their plans were thwarted and found guilty of an illegal scam.  The court ruled on Monday that both Qamar Hussain and Sajid Rashid were guilty of the offense and were jailed to a 30-month stint in prison.

The third colleague Zahidul Haque Khan was able to face a lighter charge that will go for at least 10 months behind bars.

According to the prosecutor following this case, the trio was accused of stage-managing and together running a scam for the last one year. They were able to use €10 chips and pass them off as the €1k tokens on the roulette table at the Casino de Monte-Carlo.

The casino is well managed by professionals who are licensed and highly trained in online casino gaming.

Latest news reaching us now indicates that the roulette scammers put in jail were suspected after Richard Monroe, the manager of the casino became suspicious about the scam at the beginning of the year. This was exactly two months after the trio had been defrauding the casino.

Through his profession, Monroe remained so concerned with their betting patterns – especially that of Traynor on after he started making big wins even after gambling with small amounts of bets. After investigations, it was revealed that Traynor was able to earn about £2,100 in one of his pay-out.  The scam continued to basically prey upon the vulnerability at the Casino tables.

This is where the tokens are normally issued, and they have few face value. According to recent investigations, it was later revealed that the three scammers were sharp enough to slip tokens purchased at €10 to their pockets. There is a surveillance footage recording that was used by the court as supportive evidence to find them and hold them liable.

They are seen playing a smart game to sneak the tokens back into the play after having upped their buy-in value to about €1k. This has been adding a lot of insult to injury. The three suspects have been branded as high-rollers who got the suite at SBM hotel during their great times of exploits.

The manager of the casino was quick to reveal the scam was going on from April 2014 and June 2015 before the trio was arrested. Rashid was later found to be an expert, and he was the one who was the ringleader using the others to make a life where they hardly had to sweat.

He had earlier on served 14 months for other similar escapes within the United Kingdom. He seems to enjoy making quick money without shedding sweat at all. Although they made great money from their fraud, the court came up with a final judgment to inform the trio to simply repay €850k which has been viewed as the smaller amount from all of their ill-gotten gains.

Slot Player Wins Massive Jackpot Pay-out Playing at An Online Casino

With more and more people getting attracted to online casinos, the chances of getting bigger and more frequent wins has no doubt increased.

However even with this, there are those massive jackpots wins that have been won by individuals, which are still considered the biggest in the history of mega slot player machines. In this regard here is a list of the 10 biggest slot player massive jackpots in history

  1. Anonymous software engineer

Even with the win happening over a decade ago, the Excalibur win in 2003 on a staggering $39,710,826.36 is the biggest slot win ever recorded in history. Won by a 25-year-old software engine who chose to remain anonymous, the win came about after several tries that amounted to $100. However, the best part apart from being anonymous is the fact that he chose to enjoy his money slowly, by being paid an amount of $1.5 million every year.

  1. Cocktail waitress

This slot player a won a massivejackpot,and so Cynthia Jay-Brennan name should not be left out. The amazing part is that the once a cocktail waitress, she then banked a staggering $34,959,458.56, after receiving a tip from her workplace at Desert Inn.

  1. Retired flight attendant

Vegas is known to produce many slot winners but none as the 67-year-old who won $27,580,879.60. While playing in palace station, the Slot player wins massive jackpot intended to spend only $100 but ended up using up to $300.

  1. Breakfast seeker

Johanna Heundl is one early bird that will never regret waking up early. On her way to eat breakfast, the then 74-year-old decided to try at the slot machine to see if she can win. To her surprise, she won $22,621,229.74 at Bally’s.

  1. Business consultant entrepreneur

With all the Slot player wins massive jackpot news flying around, 49-year-old Illinois man was not going to take it lying down and had to try to win.

In this case with a $10 bill at hand, he went to the megabucks machine and won $21,346,952.22 on his first spin.

  1. Two-time megabucks winner

When the first headline that a slot player wins massive jackpot hit the news of $4.6 million, Sherwin did not stop there and wanted even bigger wins.

To the surprise of everyone and 16 years later at the age of 92 he won an additional $21,147,947.

  1. Free play

When a Las Vegas woman received free play credit cards, she decided to make a stop at M resort to use them up before finally enjoying a meal.

In the process, she became an instant millionaire with $17,329,817.80.

  1. Charity money

One of the biggest yet noble Slot player wins massive jackpot stories is no doubt by a charitable Las Vegas man. Playing with a $20 bill, the man won an astonishing $14,282,544.21 within 5 minutes.

When asked on how he plans to spend the money, he answered a donation to his church to have their own location building.

  1. Broken machine win

With many cases, some slot players have the won massive jackpots only to be denied their win due to broken machines lining up. This happened to one lady visiting her niece who happened to be with her. However, in the end, she got the needed clarification that she had indeed won cash amounting to $12,769,933.

  1. Las Vegas New York-New York Winner

When Suzanne Henley was on her way home she found herself having the urge to play on the megabuck’s machines.

Yet, with the doors of New York-New York having opened 3 months earlier, it was hard to get a free machine as fast. In this case, after waiting for an hour at 1.44 am, she was able to play and, in the process, won $12,510,549.90.

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