Friday, July 19

Let’s Debunk Some Crazy Myths About Online Poker

One of the biggest myths about online poker was that it was rigged. However, with a detailed and logical explanation, that myth has been debunked by many slot experts. Still, there are plenty more myths about online poker that make players skeptical about playing online poker games.

Below, we’ve debunked some of the most common myths about online poker. By the end of this write-up, you’re bound to be more confident about taking part in online poker games. If so, you can simply head on to our idn poker site and start gambling online!

Cash-out Curse:

Myth – Players that withdraw money from their online poker bankroll end up receiving bad luck and losing lots of money shortly after.

Fact – If the terms and conditions of a poker site have mentioned some consequences about you withdrawing money from your poker bankroll, they may take some actions. But that doesn’t mean they’ll make you lose intentionally. That’s because even casino providers don’t have any influence on the cards that you’re dealt. Everything happens based on random algorithms. Hence, it makes no sense that a game will intentionally make you lose, thereby making you lose more money.

Good players will always win.

Myth: An experienced poker player will always win no matter what kind of game they pick and walk away with the money.

Fact: In the long run, good players may have the upper hand against inexperienced players as they have more strategies under their sleeves. However, based on variance, results are more based on luck in the short term. 

Even the most professional poker players can end up on a losing streak. But losing a couple of games doesn’t define you as a bad player. Perhaps it was just a bad day!

You receive more bad beats on online poker.

Myth: Compared to live poker rooms, you’re bound to get maximum bad beats online.

Fact: The cards you’re dealt online are just as random as the cards you’re dealt in an online casino. The dealer in a live poker room has no control over what kind of cards you pick. Similarly, nothing can influence the kind of hand you receive in an online game of poker.

Online poker favors bad players.

Myth- If you’re a bad player, don’t worry. The casino providers will ensure that you win against good players.

Fact: This myth is related to another myth that is of receiving more bad beats when you play poker online. It is also based on the notion that poker sites get to decide which players receive which cards. However, as you already know by now that the cards you’re dealt are completely random. Hence, this myth is completely false.

Poker sites will generate intentional action flops

Myth: Poker sites knowingly deal strong hands to a minimum of 2 players to make them take the lead in the game.

Fact: it’s possible for players to receive more action flops than others. But again, that happens completely based on one’s luck. The very fact that online poker is based on randomness debunks this myth.

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